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"In the future, the era of K-publishing will surpass K-POP" Lee Ki-sung, President of the eBook Academy
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"In the future, the era of K-publishing will surpass K-POP" Lee Ki-sung, President of the eBook Academy

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"In the future, the era of K-publishing will surpass K-POP" Lee Ki-sung, President of the eBook Academy(Korea Electronic Publishing Education Center).

“미래에는 K-POP을 능가하는 K-출판 시대가 올 것” 이기성 한국전자출판교육원 원장.  뉴스메이커 2023년 3월호

"In the future, the era of K-publishing will surpass K-POP" Lee Ki-sung, President of the eBook Academy(Korea Electronic Publishing Education Center).

Newsmaker March 2023 (Monthly issue).
『2023 한국을 이끄는 혁신리더』 한국전자출판교욱원

『2023 Korea's Innovative Leaders』 eBook Academy President
"In the future, there will be an era of K-publishing that will surpass K-POP"
Lee Ki-sung, President, eBook Academy

In 2021, the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism surveyed 6,000 adults aged 19 and over and 3,320 elementary school students (grades 4 and above) and middle and high school students about their reading habits, and found that the annual overall reading rate among adults was 47.5%, down 8.2% from 2019.

[Photo-0] Lee Ki-sung, who has led the development of the domestic publishing industry.

eBook-reading rates are steadily rising. Among 20-somethings, eBook reading has jumped from 34.7% in 2017 to 39% in 2019 and 50.5% last year. For adults in their 20s, the reading rate for paper books dropped to 52.1% in 2019 from 59.9% in 2017 and 14.1% for eBooks, while eBooks rose to 16.5%. Last year's survey also showed a significant decline in paper books reading to 40.7%, while eBooks rose to 19%. The rise in demand for eBooks is attributed to a "lack of time to spare".

‘전자출판’ 도입으로 한국 출판계의 새 시대 열다
'Computer Aided Publishing' ushers in a new era for Korean publishing

The life of Lee Ki-sung, president of the eBook Academy, is being revisited. Lee, who has led the development of the Korean publishing industry, founded the Jangwangsa Publishing Education Club (Junior Club) in 1964, the Korean Association for the Study of Computer Aided Publishing (CAPSO) in 1988, the Society for Publishing & Cultural Studies in 1990, the Korean Content Publishing Society in 2004, and the Korea Edit Society (KES) in 2018.

He has published 136 academic papers so far, and according to the number of citations by journal published by Korean Studies Information Co., Ltd., which operates the 'KISS(Koreanstudies Information Service System, Academic Article Search Site)', his article in the Computer Aided Publishing Society's <Publication Review> was cited 422 times in 2019 and 2020 by domestic and foreign universities, and his article in the Korea Edit Society's <Editorial Research> was cited 18 times in 2020.

Lee's accomplishments are not the only ones. During the president Chun Doo-hwan regime, when only 4280 characters were available, he spearheaded the establishment of KSC-5601-92, a Hangeul code that allowed all 11,172 Hangeul characters to be implemented, and as a result, all 11,172 Hangeul characters can be implemented on cellular phones(smart phones) today. He also established Computer Aided  Publishing(digital publishing) as a discipline for the first time in Korea and took the lead in developing the Korean character font, so called 'Batang che' which was produced and distributed by the Ministry of Culture and Sports. He has devoted his life to publishers, publishing organizations, and publishing education. Especially with the introduction of the groundbreaking technology of Computer Aided  Publishing, which opened a new era in Korean publishing, Lee is considered a "living legend" in the field of digital publishing and a "living witness to the history of Korean publishing".

In 1995, he established the first 'Computer Aided Publishing' major in Korea at Kaywon College of the Arts, where he devoted himself to fostering future scholars in the field of digital publishing and laid the theoretical foundation for the eBook publishing industry. In 2011, when he retired from Kaywon College, he established the eBook Academy(Korea Electronic Publishing Education Center). The institute aims to educate young people about our history to awaken the excellence and identity of our culture, and to cultivate professional talents essential to the publishing industry by teaching the design of eBook content and the theory and practice of digital publishing.

As part of this, Dr. Lee has written a total of 80 books, including <Computer is a Tin Can-1 and -2>, which have exceeded 3 million copies to date, <Publishing is a Tin Can>, <Introduction to Publishing>, <Ubiquity and Publishing>, <Korean Font Design and explain it in detail>, <Theory of Computer Aided Publishing (CAP)>, and <Typography and Korean type>.

2022년 12월 17일 한국편집학회(KES)와 전자출판학회(CAPSO)의 정기학술대회 및 정기총회가 과천 (주)비즈엠디 빌딩에서 개최되었다.
On December 17, 2022, the annual conference and general meeting of the Korea Edit Society (KES) and the Computer Aided Publishing Society (CAPSO) were held at the BizMD Building in Gwacheon.

Dr. Lee Ki-sung, President of the Korea Edit Society, gave a special lecture on the topic of the Computer Aided Publishing Society and the eBook Academy, and the award ceremony for the Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award was held under the chairmanship of Vice President Kim Kyung-do, and the winners, Dr. Jung Dong-myung, Kim Ji-sun (Gyeongin Cultural History), Bang Yeon-joo (Namyang AP), and Lee Sam-young (Byeolgle Publishing), presented their papers.

DRM 표준화 통해 전자출판시장의 부흥 도모
DRM standardization helps revive the digital publishing market

"We enjoy a culture with a long history and a natural environment with four seasons, so there are endless stories (plots, contents, stories, contents), so if we combine excellent IT skills and diverse content, the Korean publishing industry will surpass K-POP in the future." Dr. Lee Ki-sung, who has devoted half his life to the development of the publishing industry, has recently been focusing on the standardization of e-books. He believes that in order to make e-books accessible, the platform should be unified and readable on any e-book reader.

In the era of self-publishing, he has been striving to create a system that allows anyone to create an eBook at a low cost. When he served as the head of the Publication Industry Promotion Agency of Korea, he took the initiative to spread and use 'eBook editors,' an editing tool that allows anyone to easily use complex contents such as text, photos, drawings, videos, and audio together.

"Standardizing DRM (copyright protection programs), which has been a long-standing need of the publishing industry, will help the e-publishing market revive quickly," said Lee. "Thousands of years of print history and infinite content will have a strong competitive edge if supported by smart mobile devices and a variety of e-book production programs that are easy and convenient for anyone to use," he added.

Currently, eBook Academy provides publishing education for students and the general public, including 'Thursday Publishing Special Lecture', 'E-Publishing Startup Special Lecture', 'Korean Publishing History', 'Hangul Font Design', 'Hangul Communication Publishing', and 'Electronic Publishing'.

Dr. Lee has been recognized for his contributions, Prime Ministerial Commendation, Minister of Information and Communication. And he has received two Presidential Commendations, including the Special Prize of the Korea Printing Culture Association, the Excellence Award of the Korea Publishing Academic Award, the Korea Publishing Society Award for Writing/Research, and a commendation from the Minister of Education, Science and Technology.

[Photo 1] Regular academic seminar of the Korean Society of Editors.

[Photo 2] Dr. Jung Dong-myung, CEO of BizMD, wins the Outstanding Doctoral Thesis Award.

[Photo 3] Presentation of master's thesis by Yeonju Bang of NamyangAP.
Newsmaker March 2023
"In the future, the era of K-publishing will surpass K-POP" Lee Ki-sung, President of the eBook Academy

"In the future, the era of K-publishing will surpass K-POP" Lee Ki-sung, President of the eBook Academy
"In the future, the era of K-publishing will surpass K-POP" Lee Ki-sung, President of the eBook Academy

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