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COMPUTER AIDED PUBLISHING and Electronic Publishing
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Bibliography Subjects
and Electronic Publishing

? 1992
'Digital documents become seaborne', in Graphics World Jan/Feb p. 32-33
Use of computer-storage of documentation

? 1992
'Crossing the Channel', in Graphics World Jul/Aug p. 38-40
Use of computers to store documentation for Channel Tunnel construction.

? 1992
'Investing in the Image Bank', in Graphics World Sept/Oct. p. 12-13.
Storage of pictures in a database for use in publishing and general design.

? 1993
'Designs from down under. Does current sophisticated desktop computing technology help or hinder the creative process?', in Graphics World May/June, 11-13.

? 1995
'Forest folk go digital', in Graphics World Jul/Aug pp.6-7
Use of computers in small rural marketing agency.

? 1997
'A house in good order' in Graphics World Jan/Feb pp.23-4
Use of CAP and colour copiers for production of house descriptions for estate agents.

? 1998
'Computer-to-plate', in Computer Arts vol. 17 April, pp. 20-21
The development of sending computer files of made-up pages direct to printing plates, using Adobe Acrobat, PDF format.

? 1998
'Paper and the future', in Graphics World Jan/Feb pp. 18-19
The future of paper with the increasing use of electronic publishing.

? 2001
'Racing against time', in Graphics World May/June pp.25-26.
Britain's car magazine Autosport discusses how it has dramatically cut production time and costs by implementing an all-digital (electronic) workflow. The advantages of computer aided publishing.

? 2002
'Print wars', in Computer Arts Dec. pp. 48-50
The impact in the publishing industry of Adobe's InDesign over Quark XPress in 2002, when InDesign 2.0 was launched.

? 2004
"Get started with printing", in Computer Arts Dec. pp. 68-72
An excellent discussion which introduces all the main concepts and practices of printing and how to prepare material to send to commercial printers. A very useful introduction to techniques needed for computer aided publishing - you will need to know all this if you ever need to produce anything for commercial printing.

Alston, R. 1993
'Books and electronics' in Chernaik, W. et al (eds) The Politics of the Electronic Text. Office for Humanities Communication Publications, 3. Oxford University Computing Services and The Centre for English Studies. S 029.6 POL

Birkerts. S 1998
'Digital culture: portable musings', Atlantic Unbound
Important article on portable electronic/computer-based books, i.e. the thing looks like a book (several are illustrated in the article), but has a computer screen and accepts texts which are downloaded over the Internet.

Burger, J. 1992
The Desktop Multimedia Bible SchEd 070.5 BUR

Branscomb, A. 1991
'Common Law for the Electronic Frontier', in Scientific American 265.3 (Sept. 1991) pp. 154-8. P505 S21

Chao, J.J. 1991
'The electronic newspaper archive', in Gutenberg-Jahrbuch vol. 66, p. 364-372 (photocopy)
Electronic storage of newspaper articles.

Driscoll, A and Scott, B. 1998
'Electronic publishing at Routledge', in Computers and Humanities vol 32 no 4, pp. 257-270
Includes a discussion of the creation of the Arden Shakespeare CD-ROM.

Enlund, N.E.S. 1991
'Electronic full-page make-up of newspapers', in Gutenberg-Jahrbuch vol. 66, p. 318-323 (photocopy)

Ethics and Law on the Electronic Frontier
Lecture notes and discussions for a course on the ethics behind the contents of electronically-published material, given by MIT.

Filreis, A.
The Death of the Book

Funkhouser, C. 1997
'Welcoming a future: answering questions about electronic publishing', in Text Technology vol. 7 no. 1 pp. 22-31

Garrett, M. 1991
'The book is dead? long live the book', in Graphics World Feb p. 22-23
Electronic books replacinf traditional ones.

Hall, S. 1998
'Literature Online - Building a home for English and American Literature on the World Wide Web', in Computers and Humanities vol 32 no 4, pp. 285-301

History of Communication Media Technologies Project

Hammer, E. et al 1997
'A solution to the problem of updating encyclopedias', in Computers and the Humanities vol. 31 no. 1 pp.47-60. S-P 001.3 C55

Hedstrom, M. 1998
'Digital preservation: a time bomb for digital libraries' in Computers and the Humanities vol. 31 no. 3 pp.189-202 S-P 001.3 C55

Holland, C. 1991
'Freedom of the press', in Graphics World Jan/Feb p. 14-21
Rise of computer-aided publishing and design.

Laugier, C. 1991
'On the case for DTP', in Graphics Worl Feb p.30-31
Greater power over document design using computers, but only if used correctly.

Lewis, R. & Easson, J. 1984
Publishing and Printing at Home CL 070.5

Jones, G. 1987
The Desktop Publishing Companion 001.55 JON

Journal of Electronic Publishing (University of Michigan, USA)

Kling, R. & Covi, L. 1996
'Electronic journals and legitimate media in the systems of scholarly communication', in CH Working Papers D.1 January

Lowry, A. 1994
Electronic Texts and Multimedia in the Academic Library: a View from the Front Line

Manguel, A. 1997
'How those plastic stones speak', in Times Literary Supplement July 4th, pp. 8-9 (photocopy)
Interesting discusssion about how we read, used to read and the effects on reading of electronic publishing..

McCarty, W. (ed.) 1996
'Overview of electronic publication: Computing in the Humanities and Social Sciences' A very good online resource, with many links

Moltenbrey, K. 1998
'A new dimension in comics', in Computer Graphics World July p. 121 (development of computer-based 3D comics)

Negroponte, N. 1995
Being Digital 001.64 NEG

O'Donnell, J. 1992
'St. Augustine to NREN: The Tree of Knowledge and How it Grows'
A very good article on the history of written/printed material and the impact of electronic publishing.

Quilliam, S. & Grove-Stephensen, I. 1990
IntoPrint: How to Make Desktop Publishing Work for You CL 070.5

Rademan, T. 1997
'Electronic newspapers on the Internet - an overview', in Text Technology vol. 7 no. 2 pp. 118-139

Reynolds, L. & Derose, S. 1992
'Electronic books', in Byte June pp. 263-8. P001.6405 B30

Robinson, P and Taylor, K.
'Publishing an electronic textual edition: The case of The Wife of Bath's Prologue on CD-ROM', in Computers and Humanities vol 32 no 4, pp. 271-284

Smith, A. 1993
Books to Bytes: knowledge and information in the postmodern era 301.21 SMI

Snyder, I. (ed.) 1997
Page to screen : taking literacy into the electronic era SchEd 371.33 SN

Stone, D. 1997
'Reading on paper and laptop computer; decision rules for formatting legible text, in Text Technology vol. 7 no. 2 pp. 91-117

Studio Output 2004
'Flyer Design', in Computer Arts Jan. pp. 50-54
Very useful discussion of how to design a flyer to advertise an event, giving lots of technical information about choice of colours, printing considerations such as creating crop marks, bleeds image resolution.

Tanna, J. 1992
'Imaging - the way forward', in Graphics World Sept/Oct. p. 16-18
Processing of pictures and documents by computer.

The Passing of Remoteness 1991
Part 5 of the BBC2 series The Dream Machine (a history of the computer). Video, 50 minutes, Pallas.
Includes a discussion of electronic publishing and storage of printed material.

Worlock, P. 1988
The Desktop Publishing Book: How to get Professional Results in Business SchEd 070.50285 WAR

Wright, H. 1992
'SGML frees information', in Byte June pp. 279-86. P001.6405 B30

A vast bibliography of Web sites and other material has been compiled by Peter Graham of Rutgers University, available here.  


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