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Social Sciences (SS) is a peer-reviewed international academic journal=: Submit Papers
관리자  2019-06-28 09:50:04, 조회 : 7,053, 추천 : 665

Social Sciences (SS) is a peer-reviewed international academic journal

Dear Lee, Ki-sung: Submit Papers and Be Editorial Board/Reviewer Panel Member
2019-06-28 (금) 03:13

Maydim Malkov<>

Social Sciences
(ISSN Print:2326-9863 ISSN Online: 2326-988X)
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Dear Lee, Ki-sung

Social Sciences (SS) is a peer-reviewed international academic journal,
providing a solid platform to all academicians, practicing managers,
consultants, researchers and those who have interest in current issues
and trends in social sciences.

Greatly impressed by your article entitled
"Algorithm of the Korean Character font design with 1458 Alphabet Combination Method",
we warmly invite you to submit papers and join the Editorial/Reviewer Panel.

★ To Be the Member of the Editorial Board/Reviewer Team

We have been dedicated ourselves to building SS into a world's leading journal.
Distinguished experts are cordially welcomed to join the Editorial Board/Reviewers Panel.
Got an idea of joining the Editorial Board/Reviewers Team?
Check more details at the following link:

★ Benefits of Applying to be an Editorial Board Member or a Reviewer:

① Quickly improve your prestige in your research areas.
② Obtain first-hand information on new research discoveries.
③ Formal certification (PDF format) launched by the editorial board.
④ Have your name and affiliation displayed on the journal's website.
⑤ Get 10% deduction of the original publication fee of your research work.

★ Submit Your Manuscript

SS was established with the aim of promoting scholarly communication
all over the world in a more effective and efficient manner.

Over the past years, numerous scholars have contributed lots of articles to the journal.
With your contribution, researchers all over the world will accomplish more in the process
of academic research.

We invite you with sincerity to contribute other unpublished papers of related fields to the journal.
We are also quite looking forward to receiving your further research on the published paper.
If you are ready to submit your paper, please refer to our website:

Here enclosed the details of your research which has left us a deep impression:

Title: Algorithm of the Korean Character font design with 1458 Alphabet Combination Method

Keywords: Korean alphabet; 1; 458 phonemes algorithm; 12 series algorithm; 72 series classification; representative phoneme

Abstract: Usually 728 or 903 alphabet combination method is using for the Korean character font design.
But designing more beautiful Korean character font for publishing books needs more than 903 alphabet combination.

To analyze Korean alphabet syllables by classifying them into a new combination method by examining previous studies and approach Korean font design creatively and practically. According to the research purpose, the location information of 11,172 modern Korean character syllables was checked one by one and classified into 72 series and entered into the database file. 72 series classification divided initial sounds into singular consonants and geminate and further subdivided consonants placed under a vowel into no consonant placed under a vowel, singular consonants placed under a vowel, consonant clusters placed under a vowel. The following results were obtained through this study: first, in order to effectively design 11,172 Korean character syllables, 126 vowels, 684 initial sounds, 648 consonants placed under a vowel, a total of 1,458 phonemes are required according to 72 series classification. Korean character has a 3-dimensional characteristics that the location information of an initial sound, medial sound, consonant placed under a vowel is gathered to create one new syllable and hence, each location of the initial sound, medial sound, consonant placed under a vowel has a great influence on the remaining location information. Designing a Korean character syllable, it cannot be beautifully designed only with shape information, the aesthetic design element and location information, the intellectual design element is additionally required.

Best wishes,

Cindy Stockton

Editorial Office of Social Sciences

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